Shammah Gas and General Limited is a full service gas utility, suppliers and
distributers of gas products and providing related services in Uganda. The company’s
primary products are …………….. both of which provide cost-effective and clean energy
solutions for a variety of residential and commercial applications. Shammah Gas
provides gas service in …………. Ways; a propane tank and cylinder delivery service.
Our company serves home owners as well as the many businesses, high-rises, and
organizations requiring clean, lower cost energy to deliver their products and services to
our community. Shammah Gas have worked to ensure the people of Uganda continue
to enjoy the benefits of gas energy. True to our
motto – We deliver to
our best – We work to
promote innovative
uses for our products to be a
leader in Uganda clean
energy future. We do this
by embodying our philosophy of “Good energy” in everything that we do. We
believe that our good energy from the products we provide to the communities we
help build, delivers a brighter future for the people of Uganda and beyond, because
whatever the need, we bring good energy solutions.

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