We deliver to our best!

Our competitiveness is derived from our deep understanding of our customers' interest and our non-compromising stand on the quality of service.

Our Vision

To become the leading distributor of quality gasses in Uganda and the East African region at large

Our Mission

We exist to improve Ugandan lives by serving our customers with all domestic, medical, industrial and other special gas requirements.

Our Core Objective

To deliver quality and timely services.

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Who We Are

Shammah Gas and General [LTD] came into existence inĀ  March 2017 and was founded by Mr. Denis Kyobe and Mrs. Mabel Kyobe who were later joined by Mr. David Kamali to form a three-member board of directors.


We are located in Bunamwaya Central, Ngobe road. It is our dream to become the leading distributors of medical oxygen, industrial oxygen, LPG, Acetylene, Argo Shield, Helium, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrous Oxide, Ammonia, Argon, Nitrogen and their accessories and other related equipments such as regulators, cutting torches, spindle keys, brazing torches, nozzle cleaners, hose pipes and much more.

We have the confidence that our offers are the best on the market today.

Shammah Gas has fully trained staff and a service centre to ensure your products are in excellent condition. Visit our offices in Bunamwaya to learn more from our trained specialists.

We pride ourselves in our innovative culture, top-notch service provision, direct customer relations and effective marketing.

Our corporate culture is founded on integrity, commitment, reliability and efficiency.

Shammah Gas and General honours its social and ecological responsibility which has created a foundation of trust (with various stakeholders) that makes possible the longterm success of the company.

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Our management team

Meet our team leaders
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